Within the imaginal precinct of archetypal air, falls the phenomenon of language. Language, not so much in its most commonly understood form as the spoken word among humans, but rather language, and more broadly intercommunication, as the ineffable cohering force between absolutely everything in existence.  

Join Anna Breytenbach and Colin Campbell for Air, the first in a four-part series of talks broadly exploring the question of who we are, where we might be headed and how we may engage with the flux of what would seem to be a rapidly and profoundly changing world.  

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Where air represents the unified field from which all manifestation ultimately emerges, fire is the archetypal place where differentiation takes place. Fire is the element within which the qualities of judgment, discernment and containment emerge within the elemental cycle of creation. 

Many of the most significant commentators on the current social condition of our human world suggest that we are in a profound state of crisis as a human collective. Is the breakdown in the relationship between the human collective and the rest of the natural world at the heart of this crisis, and if it is, how does an understanding of fire as a primal archetype help us understand the nature of this condition more deeply?

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Water represents the first of the feminine elements within the elemental cycle of creation. 

As the element of interconnection, water is the holder and carrier of the accumulated history - representing a repository of all information pertaining not only to our human past but to creation in its entirety. Here we may attune to the truths of the more-than-human world and explore what teachings for these times come from those sentient quarters. 

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In symbolic terms the element of earth represents the final expression of manifest materiality, an idea that seems symbolically implicate in a large number of primal cosmologies from many disparate parts of the world.

What on Earth? Enfolded in this question are a myriad of others pertaining to a shared belief that our current so-called modern scientific cosmology has discarded some of the most vital components of what being truly human might actually mean. That is, what it might mean if understood within the context of dynamic and symbiotic relationship with the rest of the natural world.

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What on Earth Talk Series

The elemental series and cycles of creation. Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

What on Earth? Talk Series - Single Element Dialogue

The elemental series and cycles of creation. Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Purchase any of the single elements  from the series and receive an audio download of the live dialogue for your selected element.

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What On Earth? Talk Series - Four Elements Complete Set

The elemental series and cycles of creation. Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

The full dialogue includes all four elements from the What on Earth talk series. You will receive an individual audio download for each of the four elements.

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