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As we Explore the Dynamics Between Health, Spirituality and the Natural World, with World Class Guest Speakers.

Desire as a Co-Creative Force of Nature - LHP #7

If today was the last day of your life who would you be? What would you do? Dr Saida Desilets, author and key note speaker, shares how facing her own mortality, was the awakening to an exuberant, ecstatic, aliveness, that is desire,  a force of nature that is within all of us....

Posted by Jenni Madison


The Language of Plants, Flowers & Botanical Alchemy with Charalyn Darcey- LHP #6

There is a powerful intelligence within nature that is so profound, eye opening, and an absolute pleasure to explore. In this episode we discuss basic and simple tips for organic gardening - right through to plant medicines, and remembering our ancestral ways...

Posted by Jenni Madison


Breathwork, Rebirth, Love and Relationships with Michael Adamedes - LHP #5

Michael is all about living a prosperous life, filled with love and joy! And that's how it is when we connect with our essential nature. The conversation evolved into his core work, relationships, he says this is because, he is now into his 4th marriage...

Posted by Jenni Madison


Nutritional Cannabis as Medicine with Nikki Freeburn - LHP #4

We delve into Nikki's extensive knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System, and how this complex cell signalling system works within us, and with the Cannabinoid Compounds found in the Cannabis herb. Nikki has an inspiring vision...

Posted by Jenni Madison


The Ancient Wisdom of Water Fasting with Tyler Tolman - LHP #3

Tyler Tolman is well known for his expert advice in the field of natural health, longevity, detoxification and water fasting. He walks and talks the best of both worlds, modern science and ancient wisdom. He has helped...

Posted by Jenni Madison


Neuroscience Meets Nutrition with Dr Delia McCabe - LHP #2

Neuroscientist, psychologist, and now completed PhD on stress and the female brain, Delia took a swift left turn from traditional therapy when she discovered the power of nutrition for the brain, from the developing to the aging brain...

Posted by Jenni Madison


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Jenni revels in deep, inspirational conversation that highlights the meaningful messages within her titles. She interviews brilliant people who share from their heart and experience.

Lion Heart - Your True Nature with Jenni Madison - LHP #1 


Welcome to the Lion Heart Podcast. 

Transform your life as we explore the dynamics between health, spirituality, and the natural world.

Your host Jenni Madison interviews world class guest speakers each week, to bring you real life stories, profound experience, diversity, wisdom and insight. We draw from the intelligence of ancient culture, nature, and modern science, to discover ways to integrate this information into our modern way of living.

Discover your unique path and how to embody your Lion Heart.


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