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As we Explore the Dynamics Between Health, Spirituality and the Natural World, with World Class Guest Speakers.

How to Grow your Own Organic Food with Cath Manuel - E19

How to attract the right bugs (only) with inter-cropping, prepare your garden plan, soil and nurture your organic crops to an abundant harvest, we cover it all in this interview with passionate expert Cath Manuel founder and director of Soil to Supper.


Fasting for Amazing Health with Loren Lockman - E18

Loren is the Founder and Managing Director of the Tanglewood Wellness Centre in Costa Rica. He has fasted thousands of people back to amazing health and optimal living. Learn how to listen to your body and the importance of having a clean body. 


Freedom is an Inside Job with Rowena Jayne - E17

Rowena grabbed my attention with her vibrancy, joy, exuberance and her extraordinary ability to get her body into some incredibly flexible yoga asana's (postures). We discuss how this kind of flexibility is really about clearing the bodies energetic channels and life force, initiating a true sense of inner freedom..


Shamanic Drumming and Sacred Plant Medicine with Melanie Gunn - E16

Melanie shares in a way that beautifully unites her knowledge, including formal studies in health medicine and transpersonal creative therapy, together with her personal experience and journey into the world of shamanic drumming and plant medicine healing. Her experience, knowledge and insight is so deeply integrated and authentic that it will...


Get Into Your Body and Feel Better a Nia Teacher Collaborative - E15

A common phrase within the Nia community is "I feel better". Nia is a technique that literally moves you to find that place of presence, creativity, inspiration and your personal commitment to choosing joy. Nia is so much of a collaborative community as well as a personal experience, it only made sense for me to ask these dedicated and amazing Nia teachers to share from their own experience...


The Power of Correct Breathing with Tim Altman - E14

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or unwell, a powerful solution could be as simple as the way you take in your air. Breathing is something that we do automatically it is the foundation for life.  Learning to understand the dynamics of breathing within the body and to breath correctly can stimulate a depth from within you and transform your entire wellbeing. Yogi's know this!


Body Wisdom, Healing and the Language of your Soul with Inna Segal - E13

Compassionate, intuitive and intelligent the signature of Inna's message and vision is to teach others to tune into your own inner landscape, body and soul wisdom. Author of The Secret Language of your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellbeing and The Secret Life of Wellness...


Deep Yoga, Ayurveda, Community Values and Sacred Living with Katie Rose - E12

Katie’s passion is in yogic philosophy and the seasonal practices of Sadhana, bringing devotion and a sense of the sacred to everyday life, as well as compassion for animals and a deep reverence for nature. It is truly embodied. Connection, creativity, self reflection, meditation are byproducts of bringing these rituals to life...


Living in Harmony and Deep Connection with the Natural World with Anna Breytenbach - E11

For humanity to survive these current times we really need to awaken and reconnect again with the Natural World. Anna's beautiful message is heartfelt and deep. It speaks of true empathy and living in harmony with all species. In this episode Anna shares about some challenges that we need to address inwardly... 


Mindfulness & Meditation as a Way of Life with David Michie - LHP #10

Mindfulness is the essence of experiencing life. You can either be trapped in the thinking mind, followed by emotional reactions or you can be alive with presence and awareness. Meditation is the key to training your mind.  Discover the nature of your primordial mind with Buddhist Dharma teachings and how meditation practiced with discipline can transform your life...


Animal Voices & Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life with Dawn Baumann Brunke - LHP #9

Discover the details of telepathic communication within the intricate web of life. How everything is inter-connected and with self awareness and stillness, we can actually receive and perceive the energetic transmissions from nature and our animal friends. Learn how nature and animals are indeed our teachers...


Live Foods, Spiritual Energy & the Zero Point Field with Dr Gabriel Cousens - LHP #8

Dr Gabriel Cousens is a world expert on spiritual nutrition, plant-based live-food, and a global pioneer in the raw food movement. Dr Cousens delivers a passionate and personal message about his principles for wellness, leading an enlightened life, and how the foundations for a better physical and spiritual life, come through the foods we eat, a quiet mind and our connection...


Desire as a Co-Creative Force of Nature with Dr Saida Desilets - LHP #7

If today was the last day of your life who would you be? What would you do? Dr Saida Desilets, author and key note speaker, shares how facing her own mortality, was the awakening to an exuberant, ecstatic, aliveness, that is desire,  a force of nature that is within all of us....


The Language of Plants, Flowers & Botanical Alchemy with Cheralyn Darcey - LHP #6

There is a powerful intelligence within nature that is so profound, eye opening, and an absolute pleasure to explore. In this episode we discuss basic and simple tips for organic gardening - right through to plant medicines, and remembering our ancestral ways...


Breathwork, Rebirth, Love and Relationships with Michael Adamedes - LHP #5

Michael is all about living a prosperous life, filled with love and joy! And that's how it is when we connect with our essential nature. The conversation evolved into his core work, relationships, he says this is because, he is now into his 4th marriage...


Nutritional Cannabis as Medicine with Nikki Freeburn - LHP #4

We delve into Nikki's extensive knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System, and how this complex cell signalling system works within us, and with the Cannabinoid Compounds found in the Cannabis herb...


The Ancient Wisdom of Water Fasting with Tyler Tolman - LHP #3

Tyler Tolman is well known for his expert advice in the field of natural health, longevity, detoxification and water fasting. He walks and talks the best of both worlds, modern science and ancient wisdom. He has helped...


Neuroscience Meets Nutrition with Dr Delia McCabe - LHP #2

Neuroscientist, psychologist, and now completed PhD on stress and the female brain, Delia took a swift left turn from traditional therapy when she discovered the power of nutrition for the brain, from the developing to the aging brain...


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Jenni revels in deep, inspirational conversation that highlights the meaningful messages within her titles. She interviews brilliant people who share from their heart and experience.

Lion Heart - Your True Nature with Jenni Madison - LHP #1 


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Welcome to the Lion Heart Podcast. 

Transform your life as we explore the dynamics between health, spirituality, and the natural world.

Your host Jenni Madison interviews world class guest speakers each week, to bring you real life stories, profound experience, diversity, wisdom and insight. We draw from the intelligence of ancient culture, nature, and modern science, to discover ways to integrate this information into our modern way of living.

Discover your unique path and how to embody your Lion Heart.


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