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Tim Altman is a health and wellness practitioner who follows a super practical approach to health and performance by correcting behaviour and habits that undermine these, rather than focusing on excessive use of supplements and medication. The approach is more hands on, and takes some practice, but yields far more potent and long term results.

His pathway to natural medicine has been a long journey of exploration and discovery. He developed chronic fatigue syndrome at a time that he had qualified for honours in psychology at university, as well as training and competing for Australia in kayak paddling (and surf lifesaving) in preparation for Olympic Games. Unfortunately, not only did this chronic illness shatter his ambitions in both areas, it dramatically impaired his day to day health to the extent that it was extremely difficult to work and live normally.

Coupled with the inability of modern medicine to provide any solution at all, he went on an extensive exploration of natural medicine, optimal living and performance techniques that ultimately led Tim not only to a complete recovery, but also an experience of health and vitality at levels that he had never experienced previously.

For the last 20 years since his recovery, Tim has continued paddling and coaching at national and international levels, and has shared his knowledge and experience of recovery from chronic illness with hundreds of clients professionally.

Following on from this personal exploration has been a passion in guiding people from both chronic illness, and levels of relatively ‘normal’ health, to levels of ‘meta’ health rarely experienced by most people following conventional medical and lifestyle approaches. His clinical work is merely an extension of his own personal discovery and work in attaining optimal function in as many areas of living as has been possible. This has resulted in having a very real and long term experience of these ‘meta’ levels of health over the last 20 years, and he has been able to develop understanding, techniques and skills that allow people to transcend their previous experience of health and vitality.

Some of these techniques and modalities include:

  • Breathing Retraining for optimal health, chronic illness, stress management, relaxation and performance using unique biofeedback technology for assessment and training.
  • Nutrition
  • Mickel Therapy – using neuroscience research it focuses on the root cause of what creates stress and the imbalance and illnesses that follow being constantly in low level ‘fight or flight’ mode. Techniques include work-life balance, communication skills, reading body signals, stilling mental chatter etc.
  • Weight Loss
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Bio-Impedence testing for body composition and cellular health.
  • Nutritional and physiogenomic testing (genetic profiling) for optimal health, chronic illness and performance.
  • Sports Nutrition for training and race day performance.

Tim has written and published articles and has regularly spoken publicly on his different areas of expertise surrounding health and wellness including:

  • Natural Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition and Training
  • Fat Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Balancing Blood Sugar Levels
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Super Health & Wellness
  • Detoxification & Fasting
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Dynamics for Health
  • Breathing Dynamics for Performance
  • Supplements
  • Recovery from Chronic Illness
  • Anxiety

Breathing Dynamics For Optimal Health

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