Ruth Hatten



Ruth Hatten is an animal naturopath, reiki practitioner and a trained lawyer with a focus in animal law. Ruth has loved animals since she was a girl and has spent her time creating a life that enables her to help improve the lives of animals.

Ruth divides her time between animal naturopathy, animal advocacy, and is also practicing as a lawyer.

As an animal naturopath and reiki practitioner, Ruth helps animals achieve optimum wellness with natural remedies including species-appropriate nutrition, herbal medicine, massage therapy and reiki.

Ruth loves helping humans help their cats and dogs prevent and heal from disease, using safe and natural remedies.

Ruth's passion for animals forms the foundation of everything she does. Her purpose in life is devotion to the care and wellbeing of all animals and to inspire others to respect, revere and live in harmony with Mother Earth and all animals, and to tread lightly in all that we do. 

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