Jenni Madison

A passionate explorer of deep detox and fasting for self-healing, inner exploration, and rejuvenation, Jenni is a wellness advocate with deep knowledge and experience in living in attunement with one's body and Mother Earth. 

Jenni is the founder of fair-trade, organic food company Coconut Magic and  published author of The Healthy Coconut: Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood (2016). She has travelled extensively to explore and study the wilderness, interspecies communication, nature connection, detox, fasting, and the practice of deep meditation.

A long-time entrepreneur, Jenni has launched a number of successful ventures. Her latest being Lion Heart Workshops, an online community platform dedicated to providing information and diverse learning opportunities to enhance people’s health, natural and spiritual wellbeing. She created this space out of the desire to guide people toward self-transformation, through trusting their own natural intelligence and intuition to discover what is best for them.

Jenni has a wealth of knowledge about water fasting, meditation, the raw food lifestyle and living in harmony with nature, which she also shares on her personal website.

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