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Welcome to Lion Heart Online Workshops

Lion Heart is an online community platform designed to bring to you a way of living, and a way of being, that is attuned with your deepest inner self, and with nature her self. Quantum science is now demystifying the mystery of the unseen, as we are learning to perceive and create beyond the five physical senses. This knowledge may be seemingly new in the scientific world, but it is ancient and naturally practiced within the native worlds.

As science and spirituality merge supernatural abilities such as telepathy, intuition, and creating our own destiny is no longer supernatural, but rather very natural.

When you come to learn about this natural way of living, attuned to your physical self and the powers of the non physical world, you are returning to your true nature. 

Learn and Practice: Interspecies communication, shamanic healing traditions, meditation, breath work, personal transformation through water fasting, developing intuition, and nature symbiosis with permaculture design wisdom and principles.

Our products are available in various formats, these may be free via the Lion Heart Podcast, as an audio download, a webinar series, or a fully fledged online course structure.

Why Learn: It is our reconnection with our inner landscape, and with natures natural landscape, that will change the paradigm of this world. A change that can and will potentially lead us into the quantum field of freedom, sovereignty, self actualisation, personal empowerment and an overall peaceful planet. A shift that takes us away from fear and greed, and into care and giving, from competition to co-operation, from lack to abundance, from fear to love. 

How it Works:  Our online workshops have a practical and experiential focus, with step-by-step video instruction and guided practices at the end of each teaching session. Our teachers make themselves available to answer your questions and provide personal advice either through our private forums and workshop messaging system, or live webinars within the duration of the course, while you work with the teachings in the context of your daily life.

Join us for an adventure in learning about how nature really wants us to live.

How to Register: Each product has a simple registration process, simply follow the register now buttons and we will collect your details. Upon registration further guidance will be provided as to how to join with your course community, teacher and to commence the modules.

Have a question? Write to us at: info@lionheartworkshops.com




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Together we can grow, co-create and be inspired toward our return nature.