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Your True Nature


The Path of Intuition

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Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity.

These classes will help you relax into your natural inner guidance and intuitive communication.

Register to receive access to your four-week Divine Intuition online course to develop and awaken your intuitive nature.

Teacher:  Jenni Madison

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Fasting For Transformation

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Nature's way for healing. A transformational detox, water fasting, and intermittent fasting online video course, that will teach you how to reset your system, and help you to feel clear, attuned, energised and empowered.

Teacher: Jenni Madison

Online course registration $199.00

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Breathing Dynamics 

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In this online video course Tim provides a deep understanding of the huge impact that our breathing has on every aspect of our lives – body, mind, emotions and spirit. This course offers step by step guidance toward the science of breathing, and specific breathing techniques for self-awareness, optimal wellness, better sleep, vitality, energy, clarity and relaxation.

Teacher: Tim Altman

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