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Anna Breytenbach

Anna Breytenbach is a South African-based professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA. She’s been practising for 18 years in South Africa, Europe and the USA with both domestic and wild animals.

For the Love of Animals - Online Video Course

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Brad Laughlin

Brad Laughlin is a spiritual teacher whose passion for over two decades has been finding innovative ways of helping people to awaken and discover love, joy and inspiration during these times of great change. Using ancient Truth teachings, yogic practices and spiritual psychology, he works with students worldwide to dissolve old, limiting ego structures that keep us trapped in negativity, pain and fear.

For the Love of Animals - Online Video Course

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Jenni Madison

A passionate explorer of deep detox and fasting for self-healing, inner exploration, and rejuvenation, Jenni is a wellness advocate with deep knowledge and experience in living in attunement with one's body and Mother Earth. Jenni is founder of fair-trade, organic food company Coconut Magic and author of The Healthy Coconut: Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood. Jenni has travelled extensively to explore and study the wilderness, interspecies communication, nature connection, detox, fasting, and the practice of deep meditation.

Fasting For Transformation
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Nikki Freeburn

In late 2011 Cannabis as a healing herb was introduced into Nikki's world. Soon after, Nikki began speaking at Cannabis events and learning more about this extraordinary plant. In mid-2014 she established the Wellness Clinic Newcastle, designed to support those taking Cannabis for chronic illnesses, by offering consultations and creating supportive holistic and integrative treatment protocols. One of the first of its kind in Australia, with no blueprint to draw upon, this Clinic formed the basis of a standardised way for data and research to be gathered and further assist in developing and improving client care, in this new field of health and wellness.

Teacher Plant Medicinal Cannabis Podcast

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Tim Altman

Tim Altman is a health and wellness practitioner who follows a super practical approach to health and performance by correcting behavior and habits that undermine these, rather than focusing on excessive use of supplements and medication. The approach is more hands on, and takes some practice, but yields far more potent and long term results.

His pathway to natural medicine has been a long journey of exploration and discovery.

Breathing Dynamics For Optimal Health

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