Join Anna Breytenbach and Brad Laughlin for an online workshop

September 22 - October 30, 2021


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This six-week online training series is a guide to deepening your clarity, love and communication with all living beings. Join us on this journey into greater presence and reverence as we explore conscious connection. 

Here's what it's about...



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This Course Is:

  • A call to open your heart more than ever before
  • An invitation to put your love for animals into action
  • A journey of empowerment to bring forth positive change in your life
  • An opportunity to enhance your ability to commune with the rest of the natural world
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Benefits You Will Receive:

  • Guidance to help you quiet the mind, listen and enhance your intuition
  • Exercises to help you live in ever-increasing states of heart-centeredness
  • Methods for interspecies communication
  • Inspiration and resources for creating inner and outer change in your life
  • Simple yet powerful techniques to become clearer and more balanced
  • Tools to recognize how Earth is speaking to us all the time
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What You’ll Get:

  • Six pre-recorded video modules of Anna and Brad teaching approximately 20 minutes each
  • Two live Question-and-Answer Zoom group calls with Anna and Brad, 90 minutes each
  • Simple, practical, powerful weekly Home Practices
  • Three guided meditation audio recordings
  • A simple tutorial video demonstrating how to use the course online platform
  • Participant forum and online community to share your insights and experiences of the course
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Register Now for $395

The Six Course Modules 

Each of the six course modules are taught by Anna and Brad as video recordings. Each module includes a pdf download with a home practice and three of the six modules have a downloadable guided meditation. The modules and practices are released once per week for the duration of the six-week course allowing you the space to practice and integrate the lessons.

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Live webinars with Anna and Brad are included in this enrollment ...

During the third and the final weeks of the six-week For the Love of Animals online course, we will be hosting live webinars where you can submit your questions before the event and have them answered by Anna and Brad.

These will be unique and incredible discussions as they are a rare opportunity to work directly with Anna and Brad in this way. Webinar recordings will be provided.

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Register Now for $395

Why For the Love of Animals?

For the most part, we have lost our ability to communicate clearly with animals and to know them as our companions on the path. This communion used to be part of every human’s experience, but in today’s world has been suppressed by our busyness, feelings of separation from nature and domination of the Earth. The result is accelerating environmental destruction, extinction of species and increasing feelings of angst, hopelessness and isolation. 

Yet a doorway is opening. More people recognize that we are intrinsically and inextricably in relationship with the Earth and her varied life forms. We are learning to cooperate with other earthlings instead of enslaving them. Ancient and modern methods serve to bring us back from destruction and into harmony with the rest of the natural world. We can engage animals (wild and domestic), seek guidance from them, find collaborative solutions for the benefit of all and thrive together on our beautiful planet that we all call home.

The journey begins with becoming the change we wish to see in the world. As we learn to live more in Love, we strengthen our conscious connection with the web of life and rediscover the joy of becoming present and alive to our community of non-human brothers and sisters.


There is a great conversation happening on the Earth all of the time; are you listening?

What would it take for you to really hear what is being communicated?

Join us on this journey to find out what it takes to quiet the mind and come into direct knowing and communication with the animals and the natural world.


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Are you ready to deepen your clarity, love and communication with all living beings?

Join us. 

Register Now for $395
Jenni Madison

About Anna Breytenbach

Anna Breytenbach is a deeply experienced professional interspecies communicator qualified with the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA. She’s been practicing for 20 years across several continents.

Born and raised in South Africa, she holds a degree in Psychology, Economics and Marketing. Trained in tracking and mentoring at the Wilderness Awareness School (USA), she also mentors children and adults in nature awareness based on the ways of the Native American and San Bushmen peoples. At present, she resides in coastal Cape Town between two oceans.

Anna is a qualified and experienced master training facilitator, focusing on bringing forth participants’ skills through guidance and mentoring in a practical manner. After many years of leading retreats, workshops, specialized safaris and wilderness immersion experiences, she’s currently developing online material for self-practice. See Anna's full bio.

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Jenni Madison

About Brad Laughlin

Brad Laughlin is a spiritual teacher whose passion for over two decades has been finding innovative ways of helping people to awaken and discover love, joy and inspiration during these times of great change. Using ancient Truth teachings, yogic practices and spiritual psychology, he works with students worldwide to dissolve old, limiting ego structures that keep us trapped in negativity, pain and fear.

Brad believes that global change can be accomplished through each person’s willingness to show up and get involved. He realizes that only by changing our personal state of consciousness — how we see and relate to one another and the world — can humanity pass through this current time of transition in an optimal way. His dedication is to helping manifest a world where humanity lives in accordance with and reverence of nature. He supports others in knowing that the greatest gift we can give the world is our own awakened consciousness. See Brad's Full Bio.

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