Fasting For Transformation

Nature's way for self healing and rejuvenation.

Transformation, purification and self healing, just as nature intended.

Discover the transformational powers of detox and water fasting, with video content and a step by step 6 day reset program so you can get started now!

6 Day Reset Program

This program includes a step by step 6 day reset program. Get your body cleansed and reset in a powerful way. It may be the beginning of a whole new wellness journey for you!

Heal Your Body

Learn how fasting works in your brain and body to generate new cells, remove toxins, and promote optimal organ function. It is so important that you know how it works, as this will inspire you to see it through.

Why Water Fast?

Fasting is one of the most powerful ways to heal, detox and reset your system. Fasting can attune your bodies natural intuition to align you with what it really needs so you can stay well, clear, focused and energised.

Jenni Madison

A passionate explorer of deep detox, cleansing and fasting, for self healing, inner exploration and rejuvenation.Wellness advocate. Founder Coconut Magic. Author of The Healthy Coconut, Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood.  

Fasting for Transformation

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Fasting For Transformation

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A transformational detox, fasting, and intermittent water fasting educational program, that will teach you how to reset your system, and help you to feel clear, attuned and empowered.

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What is your vision of wellness?

Many people are searching for the right diet and the right foods to eat, or not to eat, so that their bodies can operate optimally. But what if there is no 'right' diet to follow and all you need to do is  trust your bodies natural innate wisdom,  or perhaps get out of the way and allow it the time and energy to heal?

In this course we will cover the science of fasting, and how it can reset your system so that you can let go of old habits and belief systems that cloud over your bodies natural intelligence, and innate wisdom for wellness.

In This Course 

• Learn about detox and water fasting

• Tap into your own intuitive wisdom and body's natural intelligence

• Learn what happens in your body and brain when you fast

• Discover the science of, and the benefits of water fasting and intermittent fasting

• Learn how to prepare for and break your fast

• Cleanse your energy body with breathing and meditation techniques to support your cleanse

• Learn about intermittent fasting and create a plan that suits your lifestyle

• Let go of old unwanted lifestyle habits 

Science and fasting. Over the recent years science has discovered many healing benefits of water fasting, such as neurogenisis, autophagy and self healing through deep purification.

Fasting - the natural way to health and healing. Almost every other non-human animal species on the planet will instinctively stop eating when they are insured or sick. When we abstain from food for a period of time, we allow our body to use the energy normally needed for digestion to detoxify, heal and restore itself.

In this online workshop. Jenni covers the importance of proper preparation for your fast, breaking your fast, and setting a personal intention. The course curriculum will inspire you with the knowledge required to get started and and to see it through. The final section covers ways to keep up the natural healing and rejuvenating process, so all of the benefits are present  for the long-term. 

The workshop includes a detailed introduction, with supplement materials, and four in-depth modules that cover the science and healing benefits of fasting, the preparatory and break-fast process, a 6 day reset program and an ongoing intermittent fasting plan so you can keep up the great work and change your life for good!

Time-Zone Friendly: There are no set class times. Participants from all over the world can attend. Audio/Visual material is pre-recorded and streamed. You can replay the workshop instructional sessions as often as you need for the duration of the workshop.

Workshop Features

• A 6 day step by step reset program for you to get started 

• A journal/workbook for you to record your learning process and detox diary.

• Two downloadable meditations to engage and prepare your mind and body for the experience.

• Easy to use course website.

• Practical instruction presented with streaming video. 

• View presentations as often as necessary.

• Follow the tuition in your own time.

• Learn and practice in the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

• Personal support and guidance by Jenni Madison.

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Fasting For Transformation

Available April 2020

A transformational detox, fasting, and intermittent water fasting educational program, that will teach you how to reset your system, and help you to feel clear, attuned and empowered.

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Fasting For Transformation

Natures way for self healing and rejuvenation.


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