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The Power of Correct Breathing with Tim Altman - E14

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Breathing is something that we do automatically it is the foundation for life.  Learning to understand the dynamics of breathing within the body and to breath correctly can stimulate a depth from within you and transform your entire wellbeing. Yogi's know this!

In this episode we 'open a can of worms' as Tim relates the mismatch that has been formed within our evolutionary biology with regards to the bodies evolution, natural and unnatural stress responses and the way we actually see or perceive ourselves as human beings today.

This mismatch of evolution has led to an unnatural response to life through feelings of anxiety triggered incorrectly by stress cursers. Hence the 'mismatch'.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or unwell, a powerful solution could be as simple as the way you take in your air.

Whilst we have evolved in so many ways, and it may not be right for us to return to hunter gatherer days, we must also understand what our body is naturally built for and that the flight or fight response is not a permanent state of being. 

Breathing correctly and understanding the dynamics of correct breathing once again can help to mitigate the unnecessary, self created concept of 'threats' to our survival, that is the flight or fight response. 

Tim is a naturopath/nutritionist, respiratory therapist, kayak/surf ski competitor and coach. He is a health and wellness practitioner who follows a super practical approach to health and performance by correcting behaviour and habits that undermine these, rather than focusing on excessive use of supplements and medication. The approach is more hands on, and takes some practice, but yields far more potent and long term results. His pathway to natural medicine has been a long journey of exploration and discovery.

Breathing Dynamics can help with:

√ deepening your meditation practice

√ improved quality of sleep

√ better digestion

√ less anxiety or the release of anxiety 

√ improved mental clarity 

√ better work and sports performance

We really do often over look such a natural autonomic physiological response to life in many ways.

I've never heard anyone get so excited about the function of our nose as what Tim does in this interview. It is fun and really we should be grateful for our noses they are not there just to look good!


Our wonderful guest Tim Altman's website

The Breathing Dynamics online training course.



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