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Shamanic Drumming and Sacred Plant Medicine with Melanie Gunn - E16


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Melanie Gunn is the real deal when it comes to sharing about plant medicine, creative shamanic drum crafting and seeking wisdom from the natural world. Her experience, knowledge and insight is so deeply integrated and authentic that it will move and inspire you. 

In this episode Melanie shares in a way that beautifully unites her knowledge, including formal studies in health medicine and transpersonal creative therapy, together with her personal experience and journey into the world of shamanic medicine and healing.

We discuss:

  • The intelligence and spirit of nature as our teacher
  • Shamanic drum crafting and frequency sound vibration
  • The power of sacred plant medicine
  • The exploration of consciousness and inter-dimensional travel as a powerful experience for healing
  • How to perceive and appreciate these wonderful offerings as our allies, as well as their potential to contribute to humanities collective evolution.

Melanie conducts workshops and retreats that include:

  • Drum Journeys and Shamanic Trance Dance
  • Creative Drum Crafting
  • Womens Ceremonies and Retreats
  • Living Nature Retreats

And more....


Our wonderful guests website  Mama White Lion 


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