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Living in Harmony and Deep Connection with the Natural World with Anna Breytenbach - E11


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For humanity to survive these current times we really need to awaken and reconnect again with the Natural World. Anna's beautiful message is heartfelt and deep. It speaks of true empathy and living in harmony with nature and all other species. 

Anna shares about some challenges that we need to address inwardly, as well as learnings from the natural world that are offered in support of humanity during this pivotal time in our evolution.

You will learn the science and mechanics of interspecies communication on a quantum level. How this truly is a natural skill for all of us and how we have learnt to disconnect ourselves from our true state of being, that is an embodiment of unconditional love, compassion and gentleness. 

Anna shares how we can expand our individual perceptions beyond the five senses and into the language of the natural world, mind to mind transference, also known as telepathy, the basis of intuitive, interspecies communication. You will hear some beautiful real time stories of her work with whale, and other non-human beings. As well as some day to day ways of living that each of us can apply now that can and will make a difference to the whole, both locally and non locally through her wisdom of community care and sacred activism.

Exploring and becoming intimate with our own inner landscape is where transformation, connection and wholeness becomes possible. Every single life matters, regardless of species or brain size, we are each a part of a miraculous, divine and intelligent system on both a physical and non physical level. 

And of course, Anna's perspective on what it means to have a Lion Heart.

Anna's work concentrates in the field of rehabilitating and assisting wildlife within the natural world, conservation and sanctuaries. Her passion also resides in teaching others to reinstate their natural ability to connect and communicate with the non-human species and re-establish right relationship with the Natural World.

Anna frequently conducts  interspecies communication and nature connection workshops in and around South Africa. 


Learn more about our wonderful guest Anna Breytenbach at her website AnimalSpirit

Find some specific links relating to Anna's work here https://linktr.ee/animalspirit

Purchase the What on Earth? Talk Series - The Elemental Series and Cycles of Creation. An incredibly deep and experiential dialogue on the specific elements - Air|Fire|Water|Earth with Anna Breytenbach and Colin Campbell.



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