How to Grow your Own Organic Food with Cath Manuel - E19


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Everything you need to know about growing your own organic nutritious healthy food from horticulturist, therapeutic gardener and permaculture trained expert Cath Manuel.

We talk from soil to food, the whole way for both indoor and outdoor food gardens. 


• Preparation and planning

• When and where to plant

• How to prepare and cultivate soil

• Step by step process of nurturing right through to harvesting

• Growing indoors

• The depth and contribution of therapeutic gardening

• Why eating food from your own garden is the most nutritional food you can eat

• The ways of permaculture

• Start growing now!

Cath Manuel is the founder and manager of Soil to Supper, a thriving online membership community and website. She is a trained horticulturist, therapeutic gardener and has completed her permaculture design course. Cath works with people in aged care facilities suffering dementia to help improve their quality of life with therapeutic gardening. 


Our wonderful guests website Soil to Supper



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