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Get into your Body and Feel Better a Nia Teacher Collaborative - E15



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Nia literally moves you to find that place of presence, creativity, inspiration and your personal commitment to choosing joy. 

Teaching Nia is not just about being an artist, dancer, fitness instructor and choreographer. Although it is all about that too, it really is also about knowing yourself and having the courage to express and create from that highest place of unique self expression.

A common phrase within the Nia community is "I feel better". 

Nia is so much of a collaborative community as well as a personal experience, it only made sense for me to ask these dedicated and amazing Nia teachers to share from their own experience what Nia is and how it has transformed their lives, as well as what having a Lion Heart means to them.

Debbie Rosas, co-founder and creator of the Nia movement and technique, also shares some more about the inspiration and creation behind this incredible gift to the world.

It is amazing what can happen when you take off your shoes and put your feet on the ground! Debbie is an extraordinary woman and her story a total inspiration.

Each guest speaker has a unique and deeply personal story to share. You will be touched, moved and inspired by their integrated wisdom. You might even shed a tear!

Guest Speaking Times

Lion Heart Introduction: 0:00

Ann Christiansen: 0:46

Sophie Marsh: 13:18

Teresa Myers: 28:28

Winalee (Zeeb) HeartDance:  44:17

Taryn Pallister: 53:30

Debbie Rosas: 1:03:29



In addition Nia has an online TV channel and is offering one month free to help you get started and feeling better.


Following the calls of the current times Debbie Rosas and the Nia team are also offering online training classes. They recently launched their first  white belt training online!

Ann Christiansen, Hamburg Germany:  Website 

Sophie Marsh, Brisbane Australia:  Website

Winalee (Zeeb) HeartDance , Michigan USA:  Website

Teresa Myers, Michigan USA: Website

Taryn Pallister, Northern Rivers Australia: Website

Debbie Rosas, Portland USA: Website

To find live stream classes, online events, belt trainings and Nia instructors in your area visit the Nia Official Website 



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