Freedom is an Inside Job with Rowena Jayne - E17


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Rowena grabbed my attention with her vibrancy, joy, exuberance and her extraordinary ability to get her body into some incredibly flexible yoga asana's (postures). 

We discuss how this kind of flexibility is really about clearing the bodies energetic channels and life force, initiating a true sense of inner freedom.

We go into the deeper meaning of yoga - the mind body connection, unity and ultimately self realisation.

Within this framework we discuss how to become free from self imposed limitations and blockages that reside within the body and the unconscious mind. It is powerful!

Rowena shares her journey away from food addiction and eating disorders, by going down the path of yoga, meditation and the process of the Neuro Emotional Technique. With the results being a sense of personal clarity, inner freedom, presence and real joy. 

Throughout the episode we touch on lifestyle tips from Rowena's book The Joy of Real Food - Real Food Yogi a book that will inspire you to get real with food and health.

These include tips on fasting and detox as a lifestyle, the importance of routine for healthy digestion, and what it truly means to eat well and 'be healthy'. 

Rowena's wisdom lays the foundation of listening to your own bodies intelligence and creating a clear channel and pathway in order to do so.

Rowena is trained in numerous modalities, she is a yoga teacher, author, health practitioner and is currently working on her own meditation series which is due for release soon.


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