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Fasting for Amazing Health with Loren Lockman - E18


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Loren Lockman speaks to how fasting and detox is a natural way for the body to reach states of clarity, awareness, vitality and ultimately its highest potential.

We talk about what happens in the body and brain when fasting, and how having a clean body will allow us to listen to its own natural intelligence.

Loren follows the simple and dynamic laws of nature in a profound and original way.

Loren is the founder and director of Tanglewood Wellness Centre in Costa Rica since 1996, and has studied the relationship between diet and health since 1977. He has personally coached more than 12,000 clients back to amazing levels of health.

Loren shares a few real time stories of people who have fasted at his retreat and their experience of overcoming chronic disease, often deemed incurable by modern medicine.

We discuss:

    • What does vibrant health really mean?
    • What happens in the body and brain when we fast, how is it so naturally healing?
    • How do you get the healthy amount of protein without damaging and ageing your body with animal protein?
    • How can you continue to live and maintain an optimal clean body after fasting, what is the ideal diet?
    • What is the relationship between fasting and consciousness. The spiritual and emotional sides of fasting?
    • Lorens creation of a nature preserve, eco-village and community within the beautiful lands of Costa Rica

"The best of all medicines are resting and fasting" - Benjamin Franklin


Learn more about Loren Lockmans fasting retreats and wellness centre in Costa Rica.

Our special guest Loren Lockmans website Tanglewood Wellness Centre

Loren's YouTube channel has over 600 videos to date: Check them out here.



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