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Aug 01, 2020

Instinctively we are wired to 'know' the importance of breathing. No matter how hard we try we cannot stop, life will not allow it. As breathing expert and breath work teacher Tim Altman, so eloquently puts it, Breathing is Life!

The ancients, mystics and masters all know that paying correct attention to this very natural, autonomic function of the breath, will bring about extraordinary results in both self-awareness and wellbeing. But like many of the most empowering and wonderful things in life, we were not taught these powers at school. Many of us think we are breathing optimally when most often we are not.

Breathing Dynamics is a natural technique that has proven to help resolve a myriad of illness including asthma, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and more.

In some instances physiological and psychological disharmony can be completely eradicated simply by learning to take in your air correctly. 

So we created an online course to teach you the Breathing Dynamics technique with breath work expert Tim Altman.

In this online course Tim teaches:

  • The science and the how to of the Breathing Dynamics technique
  • How to breath for a deeper sense of presence and self awareness 
  • How to enjoy daily empowerment and appreciate fully the transformation of breath work in your everyday life
  • The physiological and psychological affects of conscious Breathing Dynamics
  • How to breath for vitality, inner peace, healing, maximum productivity and performance
  • The Biofeedback technology and developed rhythms that guide you to tune into your own rhythm and to your natural flow with life.

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