#4 - Breathwork, Rebirth, Love and Relationships with Michael Adamedes


Michael is all about living a prosperous life, filled with love and joy! And that's how it is when we connect with our essential nature.

Michael has worked for more than 20 years helping people to do just that. His work naturally evolved into love and relationships. He says this is because he is now on his 4th marriage, and he has had to learn about love in his own life experience.

I find Michaels wisdom to be insightful, uplifting and transformative. Some of which communicates directly to the unconscious mind.

We explore the mind in great detail, and theorise a little, before landing back to reality and how to make this life a meaningful, joyful and abundant one.

I really enjoy Michaels Yogic wisdom and teachings. Learn more about his work and workshops, and upcoming QLD retreats here.

Posted by Jenni Madison

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