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Animal Voices and Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life with Dawn Baumann Brunke - E9


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Discover the details of telepathic communication within the intricate web of life. How everything is inter-connected and with self awareness and stillness, we can actually receive and perceive the energetic transmissions from nature and our animal friends.

Learn how animals are indeed our teachers.

Dawn shares her research of our mythological times to reveal how "snake lost its tale" as patriarchal dominance across the globe began, and how humans as a species also lost the truth in our unity with god and goddess.

Entwined with human consciousness since prehistoric times, Snake was once viewed as protector and advisor to gods and goddesses. But with the story of Adam and Eve, Snake became the enemy. In this episode, we discuss Dawns latest book Awakening The Ancient Power of Snake: Transformation, Healing and Enlightenment, and  how we can once again access Snake’s wisdom and harness its powerful ability to heal, transform, and awaken.

At the end of this episode Dawn shares her Lion Heart wisdom, and what Lion has to teach us about self actualisation, inner authority and becoming ruler of an open heart.

Dawn Baumann Brunke is a writer and editor who specializes in the areas of healing, dreaming, spirituality, animal communication, and deepening our connection with all life. She is author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of LifeShapeshifting with Our Animal Companions, and Animal Voices, Animal Guides, the Key to our Spirit Animals, and her latest Awakening The Ancient Power of Snake:Transformation, Healing and Enlightenment - her specialty!  


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Awakening the Ancient Power of Snake: Transformation, Healing, and Enlightenment

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