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How to Grow your Own Organic Food with Cath Manuel - E19

Sep 05, 2020


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Everything you need to know about growing your own organic nutritious healthy food from horticulturist, therapeutic gardener and permaculture trained expert Cath Manuel.

We talk from soil to food, the whole way for both indoor and outdoor food gardens. 


• Preparation and planning

• When and where to plant

• How to prepare and cultivate soil

• Step by step process of nurturing right through to harvesting

• Growing indoors

• The depth and contribution of therapeutic gardening

• Why eating food from your own garden is the most nutritional food you can eat

• The ways of permaculture

• Start growing now!

Cath Manuel is the founder and manager of Soil to Supper, a thriving online membership community and website. She is a trained horticulturist, therapeutic gardener and has completed her permaculture design course. Cath works with...

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Fasting for Amazing Health with Loren Lockman - E18

Aug 25, 2020


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Loren Lockman speaks to how fasting and detox is a natural way for the body to reach states of clarity, awareness, vitality and ultimately its highest potential.

We talk about what happens in the body and brain when fasting, and how having a clean body will allow us to listen to its own natural intelligence.

Loren follows the simple and dynamic laws of nature in a profound and original way.

Loren is the founder and director of Tanglewood Wellness Centre in Costa Rica since 1996, and has studied the relationship between diet and health since 1977. He has personally coached more than 12,000 clients back to amazing levels of health.

Loren shares a few real time stories of people who have fasted at his retreat and their experience of overcoming chronic disease, often deemed incurable by modern medicine.

We discuss:

    • What does vibrant health really mean?
    • What happens in the body and brain when...
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Freedom is an Inside Job with Rowena Jayne - E17

Aug 10, 2020


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Rowena grabbed my attention with her vibrancy, joy, exuberance and her extraordinary ability to get her body into some incredibly flexible yoga asana's (postures). 

We discuss how this kind of flexibility is really about clearing the bodies energetic channels and life force, initiating a true sense of inner freedom.

We go into the deeper meaning of yoga - the mind body connection, unity and ultimately self realisation.

Within this framework we discuss how to become free from self imposed limitations and blockages that reside within the body and the unconscious mind. It is powerful!

Rowena shares her journey away from food addiction and eating disorders, by going down the path of yoga, meditation and the process of the Neuro Emotional Technique. With the results being a sense of personal clarity, inner freedom, presence and real joy. 

Throughout the...

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Correct Breathing Can Literally Change Your Life - Blog

Aug 01, 2020

Instinctively we are wired to 'know' the importance of breathing. No matter how hard we try we cannot stop, life will not allow it. As breathing expert and breath work teacher Tim Altman, so eloquently puts it, Breathing is Life!

The ancients, mystics and masters all know that paying correct attention to this very natural, autonomic function of the breath, will bring about extraordinary results in both self-awareness and wellbeing. But like many of the most empowering and wonderful things in life, we were not taught these powers at school. Many of us think we are breathing optimally when most often we are not.

Breathing Dynamics is a natural technique that has proven to help resolve a myriad of illness including asthma, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and more.

In some instances physiological and psychological disharmony can be completely eradicated simply by learning to take in your air correctly. 

So we created an online course to teach...

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Shamanic Drumming and Sacred Plant Medicine with Melanie Gunn - E16

Jul 21, 2020


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Melanie Gunn is the real deal when it comes to sharing about plant medicine, creative shamanic drum crafting and seeking wisdom from the natural world. Her experience, knowledge and insight is so deeply integrated and authentic that it will move and inspire you. 

In this episode Melanie shares in a way that beautifully unites her knowledge, including formal studies in health medicine and transpersonal creative therapy, together with her personal experience and journey into the world of shamanic medicine and healing.

We discuss:

  • The intelligence and spirit of nature as our teacher
  • Shamanic drum crafting and frequency sound vibration
  • The power of sacred plant medicine
  • The exploration of consciousness and inter-dimensional travel as a powerful experience for healing
  • How to perceive and appreciate these wonderful offerings as our allies, as well as their potential to...
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Get into your Body and Feel Better a Nia Teacher Collaborative - E15

Jul 08, 2020



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Nia literally moves you to find that place of presence, creativity, inspiration and your personal commitment to choosing joy. 

Teaching Nia is not just about being an artist, dancer, fitness instructor and choreographer. Although it is all about that too, it really is also about knowing yourself and having the courage to express and create from that highest place of unique self expression.

A common phrase within the Nia community is "I feel better". 

Nia is so much of a collaborative community as well as a personal experience, it only made sense for me to ask these dedicated and amazing Nia teachers to share from their own experience what Nia is and how it has transformed their lives, as well as what having a Lion Heart means to them.

Debbie Rosas, co-founder and creator of the Nia movement and technique, also shares some more about the...

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The Power of Correct Breathing with Tim Altman - E14

Jun 30, 2020

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Breathing is something that we do automatically it is the foundation for life.  Learning to understand the dynamics of breathing within the body and to breath correctly can stimulate a depth from within you and transform your entire wellbeing. Yogi's know this!

In this episode we 'open a can of worms' as Tim relates the mismatch that has been formed within our evolutionary biology with regards to the bodies evolution, natural and unnatural stress responses and the way we actually see or perceive ourselves as human beings today.

This mismatch of evolution has led to an unnatural response to life through feelings of anxiety triggered incorrectly by stress cursers. Hence the 'mismatch'.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or unwell, a powerful solution could be as simple as the way you take in your air.

Whilst we have evolved in so many ways, and it may not be...

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Body Wisdom, Healing and the Language of your Soul with Inna Segal - E13

Jun 12, 2020



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Inna Segal speaks of the innate wisdom that resides within the body and the language of your own soul as a tool for healing. Her fresh insights are touching, inspiring and very effective in restoring your body to its healthiest state, whilst staying attuned to its subtle and powerful messages. 

Inna is an internationally recognised healer, speaker and author. A pioneer in the field of energy medicine Inna dedicates herself to helping in their journey of self healing and empowerment. 

Inna Segal is author of The Secret Life of Wellness: The Essential Guide to Life's Big Questions and The Secret Language of your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness.


Visit our wonderful guest Inna's website Inna Segal

Inna's brand new online course 

Livestream weekly webinars learn more here 

Buy Inna's books and Oracle cards:...

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Deep Yoga, Ayurveda, Community Values and Sacred Living with Katie Rose - E12

May 28, 2020



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Katie is an absolute wellspring of wisdom and a pleasure to listen to. Her rituals have been stretched into an alchemy of yoga, Ayurveda, presence, mindfulness, community living and parenting. It is truly embodied.

Katie’s passion is in yogic philosophy and the seasonal practices of Sadhana, bringing devotion and a sense of the sacred to everyday life, as well as compassion for animals and a deep reverence for nature.

Connection, creativity, self reflection, meditation are byproducts of bringing these rituals, and sense of sacredness into ones everyday life. 

In this episode we share how Katie manages her sacred practices as a single mother with four young boys during the Covid-19 global lock down and we also discuss:

• the true and deep meaning of yoga

• the richness that rituals and mindfulness will bring into your everyday life

• a return to...

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Living in Harmony and Deep Connection with the Natural World with Anna Breytenbach - E11

May 25, 2020


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For humanity to survive these current times we really need to awaken and reconnect again with the Natural World. Anna's beautiful message is heartfelt and deep. It speaks of true empathy and living in harmony with nature and all other species. 

Anna shares about some challenges that we need to address inwardly, as well as learnings from the natural world that are offered in support of humanity during this pivotal time in our evolution.

You will learn the science and mechanics of interspecies communication on a quantum level. How this truly is a natural skill for all of us and how we have learnt to disconnect ourselves from our true state of being, that is an embodiment of unconditional love, compassion and gentleness. 

Anna shares how we can expand our individual perceptions beyond the five senses and into the language of the natural world,...

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