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Lion Heart

Online courses for your health, natural and spiritual wellbeing.

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The Path of Intuition

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Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity.

These classes will help you relax into your natural inner guidance and intuitive communication.

Register to receive access to your four-week Divine Intuition online course to develop and awaken your intuitive nature.

Teacher:  Jenni Madison

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Breathing Dynamics

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Learn how to breathe correctly and appreciate the power of correct breathing for wellness and transformation. Learning to understand the dynamics of breathing within the body and to breathe correctly can stimulate a depth from within you and transform your health and your life.

Teacher:  Tim Altman

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Discover Meditation

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Journey into inner calm and stillness with this six-module Discover Meditation online course. With learned meditation techniques, guided meditation support and video teachings. These classes will help you relax deeply so that you can master meditation and make it an integral part of your lifestyle.

Reduce stress and anxiety through these ancient meditation techniques. Learn to still the mind, and enjoy calm and ease within yourself, at work, and in relationships.

Teacher:  Jenni Madison

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Fasting For Transformation

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Discover the transformational powers of detox, water fasting and intermittent fasting, with video content and a step-by-step six-day reset, juice and water fast program so that you can get started now!

Reset your system to feel clear, attuned and empowered.

Teacher: Jenni Madison

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Tune in to your own innate intelligence.

Our teachers are masters in their field. Passionate about sharing their mastery and wisdom with you! Learn about our teachers.

Learn in your own time from the comfort of your own home, and share the experience with our online member community. Join our facebook community.

Each program is a carefully designed, step by step process to ensure your development, growth, understanding and integration. Visit our online workshops.

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In this show we explore the dynamics between health, spirituality, and the natural world. We draw from the wisdom of ancient culture, the intelligence of nature, and modern science, to discover ways to integrate this information into our modern way of living.

Our host Jenni Madison interviews inspiring guests to bring you real life stories, experience, diversity and insight.

We strive to create a new way of living and being in this world, a way that supports harmony, truth and connection. A way that embodies the Lion Heart... your true and essential nature.


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Fasting for Transformation

Nature's Way for Healing and Rejuvenation


Your Beautiful Mind FREE Masterclass

A 45-minute class on how to navigate the landscape of your beautiful mind and make the shift from personal limitation to clear, creative and intuitive expansion. 

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Together we can grow, co-create and be inspired toward our return nature.